Does she know

It was a sleepy afternoon when the two men met. The warehouse had nothing but coffee to offer, and the dizzying spells of heat drained the life out of almost everyone except them.

“Do you think she knows?”

“Know what?”

“Do you think she knows that I’m crazy about her?”

“I guess? I’m not sure.”

He looked at his phone. He read a few messages, and looked away smiling, unable to contain his happiness.

“Damn it, she’s so attractive.”

“What?” he snorted. “Why?”

“Because, it’s just who she is.”

It started to rain, beckoned by the soft, distant cracks of thunder.

“I’m dating someone now, you know?”

“Really, who is it?”

He revealed her name and hoped not to surprise him.

“I totally saw it coming!” He wasn’t shocked at all, although his friend expected otherwise.

“I didn’t want to make things awkward between us.”

“You didn’t.”

“She pleased me last night.”

“Now it’s awkward.”

They shifted their focus to their phones, and a lovely silence fell in between them, for it spoke volumes of the people they were thinking about.


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