10 Things I Did At TEDxKL 2015

For the first time in three years, I attended TEDxKL 2015 as a participant, not a volunteer. Volunteering with the ambassadors taught me a lot of things about people, such as how entrepreneur circles exist, how awesome people come in many shapes and sizes, and how they will change your life in ways you didn’t expect.

But today I was a participant, and it was unexpectedly productive.

  1. I reunited with Shalini, a very close friend from Toastmasters, and we caught up and bonded a bit more with old memories and present gossips. We might meet up again soon.
  2. I made a new friend called Unis. Oo-niece, not you-nees, she confirmed. She loves to act, and it’s amazing how she is able to bullshit her way throughout the day; I returned the favor. It was very entertaining.
  3. Shalini needed help with selling the TEDxKL t-shirts; it was obviously a cash cow, but the line was getting too long. So, I layan-ed the waiting crowd with ‘did you enjoy the first session’s and ‘I know right, me too that’s why I’m out here’s, while rocking out to the songs the live band was playing and collecting change from customers with Unis.
  4. Being a half-participant half-volunteer had its benefits: I didn’t have to attend meetings, or wake up at 8 in the morning to arrive at the venue, but I got a T-shirt anyway.
  5. A father and her little daughter was at the T-shirt booth. Unis said if she enjoyed the talk then she was on her way on becoming a leader, to which I replied jokingly “YA SURE”. I swear I was joking (or was I), but it slipped out anyway and the both of them walked away very slowly. I realised how I sounded like a dick, and then felt really bad about it. Humble points +1.
  6. Speaking about being a dick, King was greeted me across the venue with ‘Eh dick!’ “Eh fuck you too!” I shouted back. It was a funny moment.
  7. King was teman-ing Dato Sri Idris Jala the whole day because he’s a speaker manager, and I wanted to greet him myself. So when I saw him setting up on the stage, I called out to him, “Sir! Respect!” and then shook his hand. King chuckled; nevertheless it was a great moment.
  8. Dato Sri Idris Jala is CEO of PEMANDU, the government body that was assigned to whip the ministries into shape, and also a world class business advisor. Instead of anything related to government, he taught me that to be number 1, find out who’s number 1, be that person’s friend, and do the exact same thing then be better at it. Ketui was his village’s version of Kiasu. In summary, he told the audience to be Kiasu. And there I was thinking it was the Singaporeans who were most Kiasu.
  9. I caught up with a few friends, but only had a really deep conversation with CG. We got to know each other better, and I now respect him even more for taking the harder path to success. I wish him all the best in his latest venture.
  10. Leaving a huge conference before it ends is probably the smartest thing I’ve done all day long. Imagine the freaking jam when 4,600 people come out of a stadium all with their cars.

Still feel pretty bad about giving that little girl a reality check in front of her dad. “YA sure”. wow shaun r u srs.

night before at zen
night before at zen
cool band we rocked out to from far away while working
cool band we rocked out to from far away while working
a mixture of sweat and cold water fans
a mixture of sweat and cold water fans
sir that will be rm30
sir that will be rm30
sat at the beanbag area. eventually sat at the VIP section because I'm the man
sat at the beanbag area. eventually sat at the VIP section because I’m the man
Dato Sri Idris Jala
Dato Sri Idris Jala

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