Swearing makes a person feel alive

Recently, I’ve been feeling quite alive.

It started when I was on my way out to Sunway Pyramid. Along the road directly outside there is a dog of the neighbor’s who loves chasing after cars and barking them. Sometimes, I’d drive right past it; ignoring it seemed like the right thing to do. Most times, I’d step on the brake whenever it came near to the car and watch it walk back like a sore loser to its home. But yesterday was different. Yesterday, my sister drove the car and as the dog chased after it I wound down the window and shouted “FUCK YOUUUUUUU” as loud as I could, as though shouting at the top of my lungs liberated all social constraints that shackled my free-spirited soul. I felt alive. Mum will not approve. Who cares.

When we reached the parking area, my sister spotted a parking bay that was located right beside the ticket machines. It was a good spot (double meaning hurhur). It was such a good spot that my sister and I shouted and cheered in the car to ourselves, celebrating the fact that we got a parking bay in Sunway Pyramid on a weekend night in less than a minute. While the car was being reversed into the space, the euphoria led me to wound down the window, point to all the incoming drivers, and shout “YOU SUUUUUUUCK” at them. I felt alive. Mum will not approve. Who cares.

Then this morning, Gabriel and I were on our way to the ASLI office. The road was narrow; it could barely fit two cars. To our surprise, we saw that there was a car parked right on one lane which meant that our taxi was forced to drive extra slowly on the grass while still trying not to let it fall down into the longkang. “WHAT THE FUCK stupid car,” I think I shocked the cab driver. But who cares, he annoyed the shit out of me anyway while I was trying to convince him so hopelessly that I knew the directions to the office. Fuck him. Nevertheless, I felt so alive.

Mum if you’re reading this, know that I appreciate how you bought the best tau gua for me at 9 a.m. in the morning. I know you’ll read this la. Love you.


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