The KTM Series #13: Sardine

even A|X is so stressed out

Today I dashed down the stairs because the train was waiting impatiently for me. I jumped in and felt like I was in a can of sardines, but that made stalking much easier, though it reminded me of the time in the Tube (London Underground) where I did exactly the same and a woman looked at me defiantly and muttered ‘Are you serious?’ to which I looked at her shamelessly ‘Yes I am serious’. Piece of shit.

In front of me there was a man in tourist clothes who was swiping his finger in circular motions to write Chinese characters on his phone. On his left a man was engaged with I am really proud of how the news company is pulling through with their effort to sustain the business despite their license being suspended.

RM30 for 3 months sounds like a really good deal, knowing one issue on paper was RM5 a week. The ‘State of the Nation’ intrigued me the most, and I remembered suddenly how reading financial news and all things finance made up bulk of the things I did in OCBC last summer. Andrew really taught me so much, and so did Bowie; I wonder how they are doing now.

Further in front of me, there was a Japanese who did not know how to shut up amid the silence when he never shied away from sending voice messages. Many pairs of eyes were on him, I noticed.

On my left there was a Sikh man in business attire and he was very attentive to a book. The only words I could remember were ‘Dreams’ and ‘Loss of a Love’ – I guessed that it was a self-help book for people going through divorces, and immediately felt sad for him.

I realised that an easy way to describe people now is by using the lanyards they were wearing too. For example, E&Y was just cockstaring at something while was staring at something on the floor. I will apply them more frequently now.


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