The KTM Series #14: Scattered

Today the KTM air conditioning smelled like freshly cooked McD fries sprinkled in salt and left to soak in its oily goodness in bright red containers. All of that together? Yes, all of that together.

The display screen also shocked me when it read “Next to: Batu Caves”, which is the opposite direction I was heading to: Klang.

batu caves in one stop wow
batu caves in one stop wow

Other than that, this office boy with nice wavy hair – side part – was holding on the leather handle with left hand, his phone with his right, and a black laptop supported in his armpit.

It really smelled like fries
It really smelled like fries

At one point, a lady asked the woman in front of her where the train was heading to. I immediately told her it was Klang, and shared with her my initial concerns. It was a bit funny because she couldn’t believe me at first. She was only relieved only after I pointed out we were at Petaling.

But back to the question at hand: why does this guy have a black 13′ MacBook without any cover or bag protecting it? Is he not scared that the rain has no qualms about destroying it?

Random fact: it is the first time it rained on my way back to Shah Alam – a nice drizzle to cool the afternoon’s heat on the ground.

Sometimes the train shakes so much because it travels so fast I worry that we will be derailed. Nothing good, I am sure, will come from that. I had planned in my mind previously what I would do.

If the train was about to fall to the left, grab the right railing; fall to the right, left railing; use the middle railing for support of my legs. However, this is without taking into account the bodies that will be thrown against me if the train is rocks so much it derails. In order to consider the effects I would have to discriminate all commuters into two categories: average, and fucking heavy.

I have not devised a way to soften the impact of their bodies against me but to just pray for my fucking life if the train is derailed.

Another random observation: over the past 10 weeks I realized that a lot of foreigners (and by this I mean Bangladeshis, Burmese, and other lowly paid worker) get on and off at Seri Setia/Setia Jaya.

I just passed the Subang Lake.

I want to join the picnic party on the ladies’ coach and sit down on deceivingly clean looking floors to hang out with the girls, but my mate on the right doesn’t want to sit down; I won’t as well.

invitations: women only
invitations: women only

Is it me or are the trains getting quicker lately, arriving the stations on time? This is impressive! I wonder how many people realised this. Maybe I should design and carry out surveys. That would be neato potato.

What the hell did I just say.


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