The KTM Series #16: Joseph

Joseph just got off at Subang Jaya. He doesn’t usually take the KTM, but today he had to because his dad needed to cut his hair. It doesn’t make sense to you. I know, but so do a lot of other things.

When Joseph and Julien joined CPPS as interns last week, it reminded me of Gabriel and Me: one Chinese Malaysian boy who studies in the U.K, and one random angmoh who travelled halfway across the world to just to join a think tank; both Googled “Best Think Tanks in Asia” to find this opportunity.

Prior to the internship Joseph asked me loads of questions. One I could resonate was when his dad was not sure whether anyone (including the taxi drivers) could drive to the location of the organisation – it is quite ulu for KL; imagine a random patch of green in the middle of city, then add some narrow one-way roads that are actually two, throw in some monkeys, dogs, and the occasional monitor lizard and you get my workplace.

I cannot complain: this is much more conducive for thinking than being in the city where you walk fast just because everyone walks fast. It is unbearable how the heat radiates off the steel, glass, and cement too; I often felt trapped within it.

Honest guy la this fella. But in the beginning he reminded me of Brandon Lim because whenever he talked you could never tell if he was being serious or sarcastic. They both study in Warwick; sometimes I still can’t tell if the both of them are being serious or not.

“Pantai Dalam Station. You are reaching Pantai Dalam Station.”

Out of the blue, Joseph repeated the announcement; he said this shortly after:

“Eh. Beach in station.”

“Okay, Joseph. Okay.”

This is his first ever internship besides the experience he gained in music – dramas, gigs, competitions. It was odd looking at how seriously he takes the dress code: I occasionally wear a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers, whereas he walks in with a fitted shirt, black slacks, and black formal shoes. “I want the full internship experience,” he told me. Onz mou.

After knowing him for about a month, I find that he has the “growth mindset”: always knowing that you have a lot to improve on. It’s one of the essentials in life – it keeps you going no matter how far behind you are compared to your peers.

Other than that, I got to know he got a perm. No wonder his hair is so curvy. Think he got it cut with his dad today. I think la.

everyday your outfit damn tight. why
everyday your outfit damn tight. why

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