Ideas at 3.41 a.m.

It’s 3.41 a.m. and I can’t sleep. I just finished reading The Gift Of Rain, and I cannot wait to give it the review it deserves; people need to know.

Outside, the thunder occasionally rumbles. In my mind I see flashes of white pulsing behind the thick grey clouds – a powerful force reminiscent of ideas that brew in our minds.

Behind the clouds you don’t see the full force of the lightning, but you hear it. And no matter how much the clouds try to block its light, you can still hear it. Our ideas have always been there, but it is futile to ignore them; some will never go away.

I can see That’s What Shaun Said go to places, but all this while I have never taken any steps forward as though daunted by fear and uncertainty. I am not sure if it was the conclusion of the book but I was at peace when I came to realise this is a work in progress.

Everything starts somewhere, and before things can be improved my work needs to scrutinised, and that I should treasure the support of those who wish to offer any, in various forms should I wish to acknowledge them.

As Barney Stinson loves to say, “It is going to be legend… wait for it.”

I wonder if in our lives whether “-dary” ever takes place. It was never about the destination anyway; it has always been about the journey.


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