The KTM Series #18: Juice

After a whole day of being a tourist of KL, I feel stoned, bloated, tired. Not sure if it was the eating all day long, or the deadly combination of 7 types of curries with a refreshing Teh Ais to end the meal. I’m lactose intolerant, that’s why la.

crab curry fish curry chicken curry mutton curry dan lain lain
crab curry fish curry chicken curry mutton curry dan lain lain

After taking the best dump ever, I went back to the KL Sentral KTM station at 7 p.m. and saw that this guy was drinking out of a juice box.

spot blue shirt's apple juice
spot blue shirt’s apple juice

How long has it been since I last brought a juice box anywhere?

My last memory of it was in primary school. Mum used to pack it for me for my lunches because she wants me to eat healthy home cooked food, free of the various amounts of preservatives and colourings.

I studied in SJK(C) Lick Hung; it was apparently the best Chinese school at that time. Why? Maybe because they put us through shit la – caning, more caning, and being embarrassed in front of the whole school during assemblies and PA announcements. All of this so that they can move up the ranks and attract even more students and their parents’ generous donations. It made me tough, and I was rewarded with skills a typical Chinese student has (or “Asians” according to most Americans because they cannot be bothered to acknowledge Asia is a continent, not a country).

But I never felt educated.

Sure I achieved the A*s and all but it is all so superficial. Life would be easier if it was all about achieving A*s, but it’s not – A*s cannot solve all our problems. I did, however, learn how to take people’s shit. Bullies, teachers, parents. Then I slowly realised the point is to know who you are and what you want. Heck, even being in Taylor’s College didn’t change that (but it was part of the process la). Most people carry on with their “work” thinking they’re going somewhere, but never thought for one second why they were doing it or whether it was the “work” they wanted to do.

Being kept busy never guaranteed us going in the correct direction. At the same time I would say being kept busy makes it slightly easier when we find things we don’t like doing. Don’t like? Cross it out. Move on. Try something new.

We are all a work in progress anyway. Chill la. Think we should be fine, so long as we keep thinking

Like the 9-to-6 PwC (People working constantly) Fresh Grad who sat opposite me. With his earphones plugged in. With his red leather journal open, he was in deep thought, expressing ideas in neat bullet points with the mechanical pencil in his right hand. Pilot. 0.7, I think.


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